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Leveling the Playing Field for Black Creators

The Assembly for Black Creators is committed to authentically serving the Black community by providing education, monetization and community support to Black creators

About the ABC

Triller’s Assembly for Black Creators was formed to fix the inequality in the creator economy. Black creators are ignored by brands, discriminated against by algorithms, and paid less than their white counterparts. The ABC was created to change that.  

ABC for Creators

The ABC provides creators with educational tools, ways to increase monetization, and the opportunity to give back to the community.

Walmart - Giving Back to Black

ABC for Brands

The Assembly for Black Creators works to pair brands with up-and-coming creators who otherwise would not be able to secure brand deals. Triller also hosts in-person and virtual events where brands and creators come together — sometimes with a celebrity guest!

Social Responsibility

Giving back to the Black community is of the utmost importance to the ABC. Working with non-profits (most notably Black churches), getting involved with HBCUs, and supporting Black-owned businesses are just some of the ways they do that. 

Our Partners

Brands that are helping to drive the Assembly for Black Creator's mission